Investment Opportunities: FTI studied and researched companies with  projected growth and impact, to offer investors a portfolio choice where to invest their money.
Expansion of business to national and international level: hrough a business and financial consulting to companies, we conduct  business integration, strategic alliances, project formulation for the  inclusion of private capital in meeting the target.
Creation of new enterprises: Through new ideas, products or services available to national and  international, FTIG Know that the opportunities  of create enterprise in World is big, just only we need a excelent  product.
Pre-IPO and IPO / Pre-ICO and ICO:  Companies with viability and national and international projections  have the opportunity to grow and achieve growth with equity capital.
Purchase and Sale of Businesses:  There are mainly family businesses may have a new cycle and there are  companies selling very important to buy, we make it real.
Internationalization of products and services: There are products with great capacity and strength to have a presence worldwide, we are the support to do.

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